Web Chat Embedded Mode

In this showcase

This Iris showcase demonstrates a streamlined customer service experience by answering commonly asked questions in a natural and personalised way, alleviating support teams from manually answering repetitive enquiries.

It also features an enquiry form for customers to send questions that may not be answered in the FAQs or requiring additional support. These enquiries can be integrated into external support desk or CRM systems.


  • Answering customer questions instantly and around the clock
  • Having an authentic, two-way conversation
  • Discovering customer needs you didn’t know about
  • Ability to customise the language with your brand tone and voice

Marketplace Apps

  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Form Capture
  • Out of Office

Conversation Flow

When they first enter the chat, a user can ask a natural language question or use the quick reply buttons to move through the conversation.

The About section contains links to explore an external website for more information.

The enquiry form has been created with a combination of mandatory and optional questions to be completed with validations on certain fields, ie. email address.

Out of Hours has been set specifically on the About section to demonstrate how a different response may be injected into the conversation if the team responding is offline.

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