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Create an experience for five people or a million, Iris pricing doesn't scale on the number messages, interactions or users. Customer success at scale should never be an ever increasing cost of doing business.



Designers looking to create, build and review but not ready to go live just yet.

  • Design & test conversational experiences.

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Conversation Starter

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For exploring, testing and building your first chat experience. Perfect for developers and personal bots.

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$ 500 /mo

Working with customer service teams, handle conversations in natural language and at scale.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us an email or send us a message if you couldn't find an answer to your question in the following list.

What is a scenario?

A Scenario is what we call the end-to-end customer journey. If you design an experience to track a customer’s order, that’s a scenario. If you design another experience that takes a customer through what movie is on tonight, that’s another scenario. Run as many scenarios you need in a Dialogue to build the perfect customer experience.

What is an Entry Point?

An Entry Point is where a customer can start a conversation. In simple experiences, this is the Welcome Message or Greeting, your experience introduction and what it can do. Iris also has the ability to make alternative entry points, that you can link to using advertising, or control by only sharing it with select customers.

How many platforms and account can I have?

The number of accounts you have on each platform depends on the plan you’ve selected and are only counted when you go live.

I.e., On the Conversation Starter plan you could have 1 x Twitter account and 1 x Messenger account, or 1 x WeChat account and 1 x Line account.

What’s an Iris App?

Apps are how you transform a basic experience into a smart conversational AI; changing the flow from simple question and answer to an engaging and dynamic experience.

There are three types of Apps you can use in Iris to build out a more engaging and dynamic customer experience. Free, paid and premium Apps.